The beaches

The entire coast, from Granville to Saint Jean le Thomas, offers numerous beaches suitable for swimming, walking, fishing and other seaside activities such as skim boarding, stand-up paddling, sea walking, land yachting, etc...
From north to south here are the main ones:

- Donville-les-Bains : fine sand, calm and suitable for swimming and fishing on foot

- Plat-Gousset à Granville : fine sand, the largest seawater swimming pool, overlooked by the beautiful promenade at the foot of the casino and the upper town

- Saint-Nicolas Plage : unsupervised sand and rocks

- Kairon-Plage in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer : fine sand and salt water swimming pool, wheelchair accessible promenade

- Jullouville : fine sand, swimming, fishing on foot and land yachting, long pedestrian promenade along the seafront ideally accessible by stroller and wheelchair

- Carolles : at the foot of the cliff, fine sand, swimming, rocks and shrimp fishing, peaceful and picturesque

- Saint-Jean-le-Thomas : pebbles, walks and fishing on foot

- Dragey Plage : sand, promenade, unsupervised swimming

- Bec d'Andaine : dunes, sand, great for walking and is the departure point for the guided walks across the bay