Walks across the bay to the Mont Saint Michel

This is undoubtedly the best way to discover this magnificent bay, to experience it with all your senses. It's a unique moment to experience, you will come away amazed! Discover among many things the seals and many birds that live in the bay.
Our accommodations are ideally located near the departure points.

Why do you need a guide?

On the one hand it's a question of safety, because the bay is a vast and wild place, sculpted by the tides and the weather which you need to know well in order to cross.

On the other hand because they are the best to help you experience and protect the bay. It’s their job, their passion and they are certified by the prefecture.

Each in their own way will help you discover its history, its biodiversity, its fauna and its flora and you will also be able to safely experience the effects of the quicksand.

Outings in the bay

Each guide offers different outings but as a general rule you can expect these proposals

- the walk in the bay (1h30/3h) to discover the quicksands
- the discovery of the islet of Tombelaine (3h/3h30)
- the long 13km crossing to Mont Saint Michel (approx 6 hours) either round trip or one way and back by bus

Take note of your guide's instructions and advice for outings dependant on the season and the weather. Crossings are done barefoot and in shorts. Don't forget sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, water bottle and snack, k-way and fleece depending on the type or length of walk and the weather!

The independent guides

These guides tend to favor smaller groups to limit the impact in the bay on each outing and provide you with a more intimate and pleasant experience.

- Patrice Trèche

- Julien Avril

- Renan Bouvier

- Arnaud Jugan

- Séverine Loton

- Sébastien Lechartier

- Benjamin Pontais

Businesses in Genêts

Note that these outings are done in very large groups and sometimes without commentaries (check on their sites).

- Chemins de la Baie

- Découverte de la Baie